Officials looking for Snow Canyon State Park vandals

Officials at Snow Canyon State Park are looking for those responsible for spraying the White Rocks.

They say spray paint is one of the most difficult types of vandalism to remove from rock surfaces.

“Power tools are often required to sand or grind the paint off,” a press release from State Park officials said.  “This alters the natural rock features meaning that the area is never quite the same.”

Investigators aren’t sure when the damage occurred but say it is an “extensive section” of Navajo sandstone.

“I’m not sure what is more shocking,” Snow Canyon State Park Manger Kristen Comella said. “The fact that these vandals showed a total disregard for the natural beauty of the canyon or the fact that they hiked several miles armed with spray paint, in what was a very deliberate act.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the park via phone (435-628-2255) or e-mail (


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