Hildale elections could be historic

HILDALE (ABC4 Utah) - The election result in a small southern Utah town with just over 300 registered voters could be historic Tuesday evening.

Hildale, known for its FLDS roots has an unlikely mayoral candidate- a woman. She could be the first female and first non-FLDS mayor of the city. 

 "If I win today, it will be a true testament that people really are stepping up, taking care of their civil responsibilities to make the changes happen that is necessary," said Jessop on Tuesday. 

"Why not? If she's got the brains to do it, then I think she's alright," said Short Creek resident Evan Johnson. 

"I think it's really good. I think our community really needs a change," said Hildale resident Maggie Hammon. 

But not everyone is on board. Those of the FLDS faith who spoke to ABC4 Utah - all who declined to go on camera - said they felt Barlow had their best interest, and that is where they were casting their vote. 

"And they just said the best man for the job, you know, we support him. I mean, it's pretty clear you know, the position of women within the church, they could never hold a political office," said Short Creek resident Laura Lounsbury. 

Jessop said Tuesday while waiting for results that if she wins she wants to focus on tourism. Barlow, who declined an on-camera interivew, tells ABC4 Utah that he would focus on flood control, housing, and clean water. He says he trusts the voting process, whatever the outcome. 

"The FLDS people are probably really shocked and and afraid of that type of change, but people are really rallying her and just really excited," said Lounsbury. 

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