South Salt Lake Police search for "Ninja Thief"

- SOUTH SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News)- South Salt Lake police are searching for a woman mimicking a ninja that stole a purse from an IHOP employee.

In less than two minutes, the thief entered the restaurant and stole an employee's purse that was behind the counter with out anyone noticing. 

When the police viewed the surveillance camera that caught the entire heist on tape, they saw a woman walk past the counter to the restrooms and glance at the purse behind the counter.  As she came back from the bathroom, she crouched down in a Spiderman position and headed for the desk.  She then snatched the purse and quickly walked out the door.

The employee's car, a 2003 Silver Chevrolet Impala was also stolen.

The South Salt Lake police are asking the public to help them identify the 20 something year old woman in the video.  Please call 801-840-4000 if you have any information.   

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