South Salt Lake has a clear vision for the future: Walkable neighborhoods

SOUTH SALT LAKE (ABC4 Utah) - City leaders, non-profit groups, and local business owners met at the Little America Wednesday for the Wasatch Choice 2050 Consortium." The idea is for all stakeholders to collaborate on a blueprint for growth and development that meets the needs of local residents. The Wasatch Choice vision is already becoming a reality in South Salt Lake.
The S-Line isn't just bringing business to Sugar House, it's also created opportunity in South Salt Lake. South Salt Lake Deputy Director of Community Development and Housing Administrator Francis Lilly told Good 4 Utah, "We're actually working on creating a transit oriented development right along the S-Line street line corridor."
South Salt Lake is spending $90 million to revamp its downtown area and create more walkable neighborhoods. "Right behind me is a large vacant parcel that will have 287 units and behind it are single family homes," said Lilly.
To ensure the walkability of the neighborhood, just one stop away from the new housing unit on 300 East and 2250 South a new grocery store is being built on State Street. And just across the street from the grocery store, in the area where the Ritz Classic Bowling Lanes used to sit, another housing unit is planned. "Can you make it look good?" asked Lilly. "Can you make it function well, and can it be as compatible as possible with surrounding neighborhoods? And we did that."


South Salt Lake already has building permits for the three projects. Long term, the city's development plan aims to bring 20,000 new jobs, 3 million square feet of retail, and hundreds of new housing units.

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