Social media reacts to Utah Issues

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 UTAH) - Utahns voice there concerns and what they want their politicians to do in the 2014 legislative session via social media. 

Air, air, air! Utah residents are sick of the bad air and want to see something done now. 

"Air quality would be the most important thing. To see how we can get better air to so we don't have to wear breath masks," said Steve Call

Maybe not masks but it is a hot topic online. We asked viewers to contact us on Facebook and tell us what they think. 

Necia told us "She doesn't want to see it or feel it hurting her body."

Josh believes the air is giving him a "cough and a headache."

Nina wants "Citizens not to burn wood when there is no wind." She says it would solve some of the air problem. 

Others are worried about Medicaid expansion in Utah.  It is something Governor Gary Herbert plans on tackling. 

"I've analyzed it very thoroughly and I can tell you this, doing nothing, which has been an option on the table, I've taken off the table. Doing nothing is not an option," said Governor Herbert.

Speaking of healthcare, medical cannabis oil is another topic. 

"Passing legislation for medial cannabis oil. To help many with medical afflictions," said AnnMarie.

Hemp oil is another issue people want to tackle in this session.  The .3% THC oil can be used to help medical conditions. It's something Representative Gage Froerer plans to push. 

"When they hear the word hemp, they think marijuana. This is not medical marijuana this is an extract, it's basically what we call a component or a supplement," said Rep. Froerer.

Liquor and alcohol are also topics that will be addressed.  Some politicians are looking to get rid of the so called "Iron Curtain" law.  Right now bartenders have to go behind a wall to make drinks in some restaurants.

An anti-discrimination bill is also getting a lot of attention.  Offering the LGBT community protections in work and in housing.  Governor Herbert says he supports anti-discrimination ordinances in cities across the state and is open to discussing a statewide law.

"I don't think we should discriminate in the work place or housing based on sexual orientation, so I support the concept. But I ask the question do we need a law to teach us to be good people to make us good people?" 

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