Senators from both parties push bill to stop school violence

WASHINGTON, D.C. (News4Utah)-  Senators of both parties came together Tuesday to push a bill aimed to prevent violence in school.

The bill, which has now has 36 bipartisan co-sponsors, would put more resources toward training local law enforcement and school officials. 

It's called the STOP School Violence Act. Author of the bill, Senator Orrin Hatch hosted a press conference with a group of Senators and those directly affected by the Parkland school shooting. 

"[The bill] is a historic investment of a billion dollars in school safety infrastructure, prevention training for the entire school ecosystem, the formation of crisis intervention teams with mental health professionals, and better coordination between schools and law enforcement,” Hatch said.

The father of Alaina Petty, one of the students killed during the Parkland shooting,  joined the senators in pushing the bill. 

"I'm here today to make sure I'm one of the last fathers that ever has to bury their daughter or son or loved one from a senseless act of violence in the school," Ryan Petty said. "I wish that we have had the STOP Violence Act a month ago."

Kyle Kashuv, a survivor of the Parkland shooting also spoke in support of the bill.

The House will vote on legislation this week.

Watch the full conference here.

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