Political newcomer beats long-time Sandy mayor

Sandy City, Utah- (ABC4 Utah) – Four incumbent mayors were ousted on election night in Salt Lake County. One of the biggest upsets was in Sandy City, Utah.

The city has had the same mayor for 24 years. Mayor Tom Dolan was seeking another term, but voters had other ideas and now a new name is taking over the top spot.

That name is Kurt Bradburn, and he will soon be a fixture at Sand City Hall.

"We're just passionate about the city, and excited to get to work. I think it's been a long time since we've had fresh blood and new ideas, so yeah, we are excited about it,” said Bradburn.

The mayor-elect got to this point by going head to head, with arguably, the most powerful incumbent mayor in Utah.

The political newcomer was out spent and way over matched in name recognition.

"It was amazing for me to see people come out. I wasn't paying them anything, but they came out, because they believed in what we were talking about. About making Sandy more efficient, and more open, and more transparent, more responsive to its residents," said Bradburn.

His run began with a multi-family apartment complex going up in his neighborhood. He says he and his neighbors had concerns.

"We felt like when we would come down here to City Hall we just got dismissed at every turn, and yet we saw corporate interests and developers get everything they wanted."

Bradburn says there is more to running the city than development. He says his approach will also include revitalization and addressing long-term deficits.

He says he also plans to tighten the purse strings with the non-departmental budget.

"Money on things like office parties, and travel reimbursement, and lobbying contracts and just all this fluffy stuff."

And, within his own office.

"Some positions in the Mayor's Office that I don't think are necessary. I think it's kind of a bloated administration, and I'd just like to streamline. If I'm asking other areas of the city to make cuts and do without, I think the Mayor's Office can make the same cuts."

Bradburn promises he will not occupy the office as long as Dolan did. In fact, he is going to propose term limits to city council. He says the mayor and city council members should serve no more than three terms.

Bradburn has been working as a state attorney for the last eight years. He got his Bachelors Degree at BYU and attended law school at Ohio State.

He'll be sworn into office in January, 2018.

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