House committee tables resolution on global warming

Salt Lake City, Utah- (News4Utah) – A discussion on global warming and climate change drew a big crowd at the Utah State Capitol.

A Republican state lawmaker says Utah needs to acknowledge global warming and its human causes.

Tuesday, he presented his resolution to committee, but didn't get the outcome he was hoping for.

The debate is a divisive one.

“I can pretty much sum up that climate change is happening, it's caused by us and there are steps we can take to mitigate this,” said physics professor John Armstrong speaking in favor of the resolution.

“These are unfounded assumptions. There has been found fraud as well as misinterpretation of data,” said Vincent Newmeyer speaking in opposition to the resolution.

Both sides lined up to share their thoughts in a committee hearing for HCR1, Concurrent Resolution on Global Warming and Climate Change.

The resolution, sponsored by Representative Ray Ward calls on Utah to acknowledge global warming and climate change are happening, and that it's mostly human-caused.

Members of the House Natural Resources Committee are skeptical.

Representative Douglas Sagers referenced a chart he's seen at the Museum of Natural History.

“It was interesting to note that the latest peak in the chart, which is our current climate condition, was below historical highs,” said Sagers, (R) Tooele.

Sagers says it's a global problem that changes over time.

Ward doesn't dispute natural variances, but says it's still vital to address human responsibility.

“The question to me is, are our emissions, on top of that causing there to be this warming,” said Ward, (R) Bountiful.

He says the answer is yes, but the conversation fizzled when the committee voted to hold the bill.

Representative Ward hopes to get the resolution back up for a vote, but he admits it likely won't pass committee.

It's up to the committee chair to bring the resolution back up.

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