Committee probe finds Russian interference, but no collusion

SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah) – Case closed. The House Intelligence Committee is done interviewing witnesses in the Russia investigation.

Utah Representative Chris Stewart, who sits on the committee says they have considered all the angles over the last 15 months. He says it's time to reveal what they have found, and move on.

"We've interviewed dozens, and dozens, I think nearly 100 witnesses. Thousands of hours of testimony. We've looked at hundreds of thousands of documents, and we're just at the point where we feel, again, we've reached some conclusions, let's share those with the American people," said Stewart, (R) Utah.

Stewart and his colleagues on the committee have wrapped up the Russia probe.

They conclude that Russia did interfere with our elections, and are rolling out several recommendations moving forward.

"One of the primary things we can do is to recognize that there are foreign governments that want to manipulate us. They do it through social media, they do it through news reports, they do it through all sorts of methods. And, by they way, the reason they do that is they just want to sow division," Stewart said.

He warned that would happen before the 2016 election. He says the Obama Administration was slow to act. He also says the American people have a role in recognizing the manipulation.

As for any collusion between Russia and President Trump? Stewart says the investigation found no evidence of that.

"I don't know anyone who suggests any longer that the president is guilty of collusion. Now, Special Counsel Mueller is continuing his investigation. Maybe he'll find something that we haven't seen, but based on everything that we have seen, we are very confident in that conclusion."

Stewart says even though they are closing the investigation, if they do learn something more, they will pursue it.

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