Police investigating why van crashed into semi-truck

Police investigating why van crashed...

SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah) -  Sadmir Dzafic wished he hadn't witnessed what he saw.

Dzafic was pulling out of the Flying J truck stop Monday afternoon when he saw a white van similar to his.

He was curious what company it belonged to.  But then the van he was watching side swiped a pickup truck before ramming into the back end of a trailer of a semi-truck.

"He didn't even know the semi can to a stop," said Dzafic.  "He kept on going like it was a green light."

According to police the pickup truck and semi had stopped at the intersection.  The driver of the van was in the west bound lane before swerving.  Police aren't sure what caused the driver of the van to swerve into the two vehicles

"That investigation will hopefully tell us more details as to how this accident occurred, what the things were leading up to it, what the condition of the driver was prior to the accident may have been," said Keith Horrocks with Salt Lake City police.

The man was rushed to the hospital in "extremely critical condition" where he later died. He was later identified as Randall Searcy, 46. 

Dzafic was among those who ran to the wreckage to offer help.

"But nobody could have open the doors because the way it was crushed in the front you couldn't even open the doors," said Dzafic.  "We couldn't see him in the window."

Police said they will be in contact with his family to learn about his medical history.  And as part of their investigation they will also look at the man's cell phone to see if that was a distraction.

As for Dzafic, he wished he hadn't looked up.

"I was focusing on him but I wish I wasn't man because it was not pretty to see," Dzafic.

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