Police claim sex act behind Midvale shooting

Man shoots woman who is in serious condition

MIDVALE, Utah (ABC4 Utah) - A South Carolina man wanted his $60 back for an  an alleged sex act. That's what Unified Police claimed was behind a shooting Tuesday at a Midvale apartment.

The woman was shot once and remained in serious condition Wednesday.  Police arrested 53-year old Michael Workman, a truck driver from South Carolina.

Neighbors were startled when they heard loud noises coming from next door.

"We heard a loud shot or bang," said Cheyenne Perry. "We didn't know it was a shot at first."

But it did cause Perry to look through the peep hole of his door.

"(I) saw that the door was open across the hall from mine," said Perry. "And I heard a second shot for sure what I thought was a gunshot."

He called 911, ducked for cover and heard something else.

"I heard someone leaving down the stairs really fast," he said.
Unified Police said Workman shot twice and wounded the woman and himself.

Police claimed he used an escort website to arrange for a sexual encounter.

"He responded to the apartment as instructed," said Lt. Brian Lohrke.

And according a probable cause statement filed by police at the jail, Worked paid $$60 for a sex act."

"During the business transaction something went south to where an argument ensued and it turned physical and Mr. workman produced a firearm," said Lt. Lohrke. "At least two rounds were fired."

Perry watched as paramedics took her to the hospital.

"She was on the stretcher holding her side, screaming," said Perry.

Police said she had been shot once in the upper torso area.

Another man in the apartment was pistol whipped according to police.  And they said Workman shot his finger during a struggle with the male.

Police said Workman fled from the apartment complex in a semi-truck that didn't have a trailer.  But they said witnesses saw him take off and gave police a good description.

Within minutes, Workman was arrested a short distance from the apartment.
According to the probable cause statement "when he (Workman) did not get the sexual act he request(ed) he pulled his gun out and demanded his $60 back."
Workman also told police "he did not mean to shoot the female but the gun discharged."

Lt. Lohrke said investigators are looking into the sex solicitation transaction and other charges are possible.

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