Nurse at rehab center charged with sexually molesting co-workers

NEPHI Utah (ABC4 Utah) -  Over the past year, police claimed Bruce Aitken preyed on underage female where he worked.

Aitken is a nurse at the Heritage Hills Rehabilitation and Care Center in Nephi.  But he's now on administrative leave after he was charged with a number of charges related to forcible sex abuse and sexual battery.

"We do have several victims," said Captain Bert Wright with Nephi Police.  "But we don't know if there will be more."

According to a probable cause statement filed by police Aitken approached the underage females and asked some of them for sex.  He's also accused of "touching and rubbing" their private parts.
In the statement filed by police at the Juab County jail  the (victim) "reported that Bruce Aitken had reached down her shirt with ice in his had dropping the ice in her shirt, and rubbing on the top of her bare breast.  She stated that this happened 4 or 5 times.   She also reported that Bruce Aitken had pulled her draw string to her pants causing her pants to fall down."

Another victim told police that Aitken "would come behind her reaching over her shoulders touching her breasts over the clothing.  She stated that this occurred 8 times.  She also mentioned that he had he grabbed both of her arms pulling her towards him trying to kiss her."

The probable cause statement listed another victim who claimed Aitken:  "asked her to demonstrate a technique called a fall technique for the patients, the technique requires two people on to fall and the other to catch the falling individual.   Bruce asked to demonstrate the technique and during the fall the technique, Bruce Aitken grabbed both breast over the clothes in a firm cupping manner.  She also said that Bruce Aitken would always try to kiss her."

Another underage female told police Aitken: "grabbed her around the neck with one arm, he then around her waist touching her breasts over the clothing.  She also said that Bruce Aitken had pull her into vacant rooms and saying that they could have sex. She also said that Bruce would try to come into the women's bathroom when she was using the bathroom, and on one occasion actually walked into the restroom when (victim) was in there.  (Victim) said Bruce told her to make sure that she works on her birthday, because he knew that he did, and mentioned that they could have sex at work that day because she would be legal. "  

According to the probable cause statement, police interviewed Aitken who "admitted grabbing both of (victim's) breasts over clothing, only because he had to catch her when she demonstrated the fall that she had participated in earlier in her shift.  He denied ever touching any of the other girls and indicated that he was very flirtatious."

Police said the alleged sexual misconduct occurred over the past year until one of the victim's came forward.

"And the others decided it was time to bring this to a head," said Captain Wright.

After talking with the victims, Aitken was arrested Friday.

A spokesman for heritage hills says they are cooperating with police.

"At Avalon health care, the safety of our residence of our employees is paramount," said Brian Gross with Avalon Health Care group.  "Once the allegations came to our attention the employee in question was placed on administrative leave and the authorities were notified.  But at no time were any residents involved in this incident."
Heritage Hill, like other nursing facilities is inspected and reviewed annually by the state.

At the website, consumers can review the facilities' recent health inspections, fire safety inspections and quality of care.

DOPL also provides the states of any professional that is licensed in Utah.  Aitken is listed in good standing.

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