New search warrant in missing teen case seeks info from couple

New search warrant in missing teen...

JUAB COUNTY (News4Utah) - Mistie Carlson lost custody of her three children, including Riley Powell.

Powell, along with Breezy Otteson were reported missing in early January.  To date, they have yet to be found.

William Powell is holding out hope that they will be found.  He's not sure if they are alive.

"We want to bring them home," said Powell.

He is Riley's adopted father.
"Linda (Powell) and I got married to keep the kids together,"  said William Powell.

Linda Powell is actually Misty Carlson's mother.  But she told News4Utah Tuesday that she considers herself Riley's mother.

Authorities in Sanpete and Juab County have combined forces to investigate the case of the two missing teens.  In late January, their Jeep was found. The Juab County Sheriff's Office has remained tight lipped about the investigation.   But an earlier search warrant released this week, claimed the tires were slashed and authorities suspected "foul play."

That search warrant was executed at the home of the home of Linda Powell's boyfriend.  Carlson and her boyfriend Lee Shepherd also live there according to the search warrant.  

A new search warrant released Wednesday seeks cell phone records between Carlson, Carlson's boyfriend, Lee Shepherd and Riley.

In addition, they want all Facebook messages between the trio.

This latest search warrant indicates cadaver dogs found a scent in Lee Shepherd's pickup truck.
But according to the search warrant the dogs "were unable to pinpoint where the odor was coming from."

Authorities impounded Lee's vehicle.

"It doesn't sound good," Powell said.  "I mean, it is what it is.  So we still need to find out what happened and where they are."

Riley lived with his adopted dad in Eureka.  William Powell said while they continue searching Misty and Lee visited Wendover Nevada.

"I thought it was really strange," said Powell.  "I mean I'd been searching pretty much every day. And they're out partying, drinking and gambling?"

But it didn't appear to be fun and games for Misty and Lee during their stay in Wendover.

According to the search warrant, "Mistie had tried to commit suicide and was hospitalized.  Lee had refused to give them any identification.  Linda stated that Lee has been acting weird ever since law enforcement impounded his vehicle."

Meanwhile, William Powell said he and others in the community will continue their search efforts on Saturday.

"We need to find the kids," said Powell.  "We want to bring them home."

Powell also said there is a $5,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest.  He said any tips should be directed to either the sheriff departments in Juab, Tooele or Sanpete counties.

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