Utah representative under fire over racial tweets

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (ABC 4 UTAH) -  After Tuesdays racist comments by LA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, a local lawmaker is also finding himself in the middle of it all after he stirred the pot with some tweets claiming the NAACP is a racist organization.

“I was very surprised that he would even make that type of a comment, especially someone in a leadership role that he has,” said Jeanetta Williams the Salt Lake NAACP President.

Williams tells ABC 4 Utah his comments just show his ignorance after reading the tweets put out by David Lifferth, a Utah Representative from Eagle Mountain who tweeted yesterday…  "We should have known Don Sterling was a racist when he gave money to National Association for Advancement of Colored People.”

When asked if he thought the NAACP was racist, he tweeted: "Yes, any group that tries to advance specific people based off their race is by definition racist."

Now Williams would like to school Representative Lifferth on what the NAACP organization is all about.

"I would like to sit down and educate him about the NAACP because the folks that know about us know we are not in no way a racist organization,” Williams goes on to say "For him to come out and make that statement like that is just totally ridiculous because if folks ever attend our events for the NAACP they know we give scholarships to all people not just African Americans."

In fact, the website for the NAACP clearly states.

"The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of *all* persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination.”

"Blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asian, Native Americans were given scholarships too,” said Williams.

We reached out to representative Lifferth for comment, but as of Wednesday afternoon he had not returned our call. NAACP also says he has yet to contact them.


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