Summer camps ban physical compliments

Summer camps across the country are prohibiting children from talking about anyone's appearance in any way and it's not just insults -- compliments are not allowed either.

“The no body talk is we get to take a break-we're on a vacation from talking about people's physical appearance -positive, negative or neutral,” says Yoni Stadlin, Founder of Eden Village.

New York’s Eden Village is a farming camp that also tries to plant new ways of thinking among their campers establishing what they call a "no body talk rule". As reported in a New York Times feature, no one, including the staff can comment on anyone else's physical appearance even with compliments.

Rachel Steinig, 14 has been spending her summers at Eden Village for the last three years. She says the ‘no body talk’ rule teaches her to focus more on who she is as a person rather than her outer beauty.

“It’s kind to try to get to know people deeper for who they really are and that's just the nice thing to do for yourself because it will give you more self-esteem to talk about deeper things,” said Steinig.

But not everyone thinks a flattery fast is a good thing.

Critics point out that not talking about certain issues doesn't teach kids how to process them or deal with what they're feeling.

“Therapists worry that by not allowing kids to talk about these issues that they're bearing some feelings that really need to be addressed in a supportive environment which a lot of camps are,” says Alyson Krueger, New York Times Contributor.

Still, Eden Village says some of the kids like the rule so much, they ask their parents to start doing it at home...extending a summer break...from body talk.

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