Sugarhouse shooting sends two to the hospital

SUGARHOUSE, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – Salt Lake Police investigate a shooting that sent two people to the hospital Tuesday at 4:20 A.M.

As of Tuesday afternoon Police had not released the name of the two victims involved or the details of their relationship.

“I woke up to help me! help me! My boyfriend had already come out of the house to find out what was wrong,” said Sharon Ewer who lives in the Sugarhouse neighborhood.

Ewer and her boyfriend Roger are one of many worried neighbors who woke up to multiple gun shots and a woman frantically calling for help just outside a fourplex at 1856 south 1200 east in Sugar House. Ewer tells ABC 4 Utah her boyfriend roger rushed to the area where the woman was screaming.

"My boyfriend was holding the woman victim full of blood. He had blood all over him and she said that he tried to rape her and that he was still in the house,” said Ewer.

Police are not saying whether or not an attempted rape happened, but they are saying both a male in his 30's and a female in her 20's have been shot and are in serious condition at a nearby hospital. One witness says the woman was shot in the leg.

"We have very limited details. We just know that we have a shooting. We have two individuals at the hospital right now. We're trying to determine the relationship and were trying to find out what happened,” said Lt. Greg Wilking, with the Salt Lake City Police Department.

A neighbor who lives below the unit where shots were fired says it's the male victim who lives in the fourplex. According to Ewer, the male victim was inside the apartment at the time she and her boyfriend were helping the female victim.

“The landlord where we live also came to the scene and he walked up and saw there was a man laying on the couch naked and also had been shot,” said Ewer.

The Salt Lake Police Department says this is an ongoing investigation.

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