SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Residents in Salt Lake City have been upset over piles of trash being dumped in their neighborhood and nobody picking it up, that is until Tuesday.      

“We pay taxes it's frustrating, just frustrating," said Sally Knight, an upset resident who says the problem is that the area falls between city and county lines.

For the last two months Salt Lake City residents like Sally Knight are upset their neighborhood has turned into a dumping ground along 2200 west between 2100 & 3100 north. “People started putting garbage out probably in June and July,” said Knight.

Neighbors tell Good 4 Utah that usually each year when large items are put out they get picked up two weeks later. However, this year that wasn't the case and it has become a safety issue, but people still continue to dump their trash.

“This is the way it's always been done,” said one man dumping off his trash. The problem is the city says the trash is on county lines and the county says it's on city lines.

The city had their trucks out cleaning up the trash on Tuesday. 

"We'll look at our software, the lines the maps, to see if it's ours. We'll be dealing with it this week,” said Salt Lake County enforcement checking up on the trash issue.

On Tuesday, the city had already started picking up piles of trash to keep neighbors from being further upset which has put a smile on faces like Knight who has lived in the neighborhood for 47 years.

“This is a beautiful area out here, mostly peaceful, beautiful, then you get this,” said Knight.


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