Revolutionary Treatment for Allergies

LAYTON, Utah (Good 4 Utah) - Dr. Douglas H. Jones has patients flying in from around the world for his special program. In fact, he has one family from Australia arriving this month. What makes the program so special? He is curing food allergies and many parents are singing his praises.

Josee Conrad's daughter, Braylee, has a peanut allergy and had a severe reaction when she was just a baby. She describes the experience, "About halfway [to the hospital] she couldn't even breathe. She couldn't even cry. She had completely stopped breathing. So we pulled up to the hospital and I ran and got her out and ran in and the lady checking in people said, "oh, your baby is not breathing." So they took us back first and hurried and gave her a whole bunch of epinephrine and oxygen and IVs and I realized at that point, our life would be very different."

It's scary, uncomfortable, and frightening for most parents to see their children having these violent reactions to things they are allergic to. Dr. Jones aims to eliminate these types of situations for parents. His program is the only one of its kind in the intermountain west and uses a process where he slowly exposes his patients to the actual food that's causing the problem.

Dr. Jones says, "When we can methodically go through this program they make great progress. Step by step, week at a time to where we allow their immune system to really work."

The Rocky Mountain Food Allergy Treatment Program has 24 people enrolled and it takes an average of 6 months to complete. Dr. Jones says he has not yet seen a case he can’t cure.

For more information visit Rocky Mountain Allergy here.

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