Recognizing the Importance of Women Leaders

Susan R. Madsen, a professor of management at Utah Valley University is helping people realize the value of having women in key leadership positions.

Madsen recently released her fifth installment of the Utah Women & Leadership Project (UWLP) brief entitled "Why Do We Need More Women Leaders in Utah".

Her writing explores the many benefits of having women leaders and offers suggestions on how businesses can make that happen.

"For the past several years, I've been sharing information about how important it is for women to be in leadership positions in business, in politics, and in the community," said Madsen. "And what has become clear to me is that many people aren't aware of the compelling research behind this position. This brief summarizes much of that information, I believe it can be a powerful tool in making a difference for women's leadership in Utah moving forward."

According to Madsen those benefits include:
· Improving financial performance,
· Strengthening organizational climate,
· Increasing corporate social responsibility and reputation,
· Leveraging talent, and
· Enhancing innovation and collective intelligence.

"Why Do We Need More Women Leaders in Utah" also gives the following suggestions for creating gender inclusivity in leadership:
· Understanding the present situation,
· Encouraging women to complete their college education,
· Bringing individuals, groups and organizations together to coordinate efforts that develop women leaders, and
· Thoughtfully designing and implementing programs, initiatives and resources to help key stakeholders recruit, promote and retain competent women leaders.

For more information about this brief or any of the other four UWLP briefscall 801-863-6176 or visit

The Utah Women & Leadership project is sponsored by the UVU Woodbury School of Business and the UVU Women's Success Center.

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