Preview floats for Pioneer Day parade

SANDY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - With Pioneer Day just two days away a preview  party of all the floats for the Salt Lake City Pioneer Day parade is taking at the South Towne expo center Wednesday in Sandy. Thirty-three out of 44 floats are at this years preview party and this year’s theme “Pioneers Pushing towards the Future."

"We wanted to push into the future by learning our pioneer past,” said Dave Burge with the West Jordan Oak Stake.

Burge is just one of the many float participants entered in this year’s parade. He says his team of people decided to make a float where the back end represents the past and the front, the future. Other floats featured a giant T-Rex and an airplane. Plus, a replication of the ship "Horizon“ can also be seen. That's the first ship that came across from England,” said Burge.

However, not every float has to do with the LDS church. Tom Colligan with the 'Days of 47' Parade committee says it's a mixture of business, civic, and government floats. Even the Utes and the Cougars will be featured floating down the same parade route this Thursday, but if you can't wait or it's just to hot the preview party is the way to go. “The elderly and the handicap that can't stand the heat of the parade this gives them a choice to come down and see the parade indoors in an air conditioned,” said Colligan.

Another unique opportunity is getting a closer look at the thousands of hours that are put into making these creative floats. “As the float goes down the parade route you only see it for like 15 seconds. You can come down and see and talk to all the float builders that build the float and get a back ground of it,” said Colligan.

All that hard work can be seen starting at 9 a.m. on Thursday. “It's been a long time coming we're going to be relieved when we finally see it move down the parade route,” said Burge.

The preview party started at 11 Wednesday and ends at 9 Tuesday night. It’s free, but they do ask attendees to bring a non-perishable food item to help the Utah Food Bank.


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