Parking station kiosks create lawsuit for Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Good 4 Utah) - A lawsuit has been filed against Salt Lake City claiming parking kiosks are against city code. Now, the people behind the suit want all their parking tickets paid to the city reimbursed.

“The city has been issuing parking tickets for at least the last two years illegally, said attorney Shane Johnson.

Johnson is one of the attorneys who filed the lawsuit against Salt Lake City for a violation of city code.  Johnson says the city code was never updated when new parking stations replaced the old meters back in 2011 and 2012. “When there is no definition there can't be enforcement,” said Johnson.

However, there has been enforcement and Johnson’s clients alone paid fines in the amount of $105 to $1,450 and Johnson says it isn't right. "If the city came to your house and gave you a ticket because your cat didn't have a dog license you would say well you can't give me a ticket because my cat is not a dog. Well, what we're saying is a parking pay station is not a parking meter, and the law only defines parking meters,” said Johnson.

A document from the Salt Lake City Community and Economic Development Office recommended the update of city code back in 2012 to city council. But the changes were never made. "The city has focused for those two years over and over and over on passing laws that raise more revenue but what they forgot to do is pass a law that makes these pay stations legal,” said Johnson.

Friday Good 4 Utah reached out to Salt Lake City Spokesperson, Art Raymond, who says the city has not received the lawsuit filed and issued the following statement:

 "Unfortunately, Salt Lake City Cannot comment on matters related to open or pending litigation.”

Either way, Johnson says his clients don’t just want their money back, they want the city to be held accountable."If the city is going to hold its citizens accountable it should expect its citizens are going to hold it accountable when it acts outside of the law and that’s exactly what it has done here,” said Johnson.

Whether or not the case makes it to court is yet to be determined. The two sides may come to an agreement before it reaches that point.



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