Officials follow safety protocol after 11 airplanes are struck by lightning

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) - Salt Lake International Airport says 11 airplanes were struck by lightning Wednesday which caused a handful of delays that spilled over to Thursday. The Salt Lake Internationals Airport says it's an unusual occurrence, but you can't predict Mother Nature.

"I think its reassuring to know that the airlines do look at the aircraft after a mention is made that there could have been a lightning strike and that they can withstand it,” said Barbara Gann, with the Salt Lake International Airport.

Gann says the 11 strikes included 10 Delta flights and one United, most of which occurred during flight, and often goes un-noticed by passengers.

"The Pilots report it to the FAA they give us a courtesy report so the airport involvement is just maintaining and monitoring the overall situation the airlines are  involved again with looking at the safety of the aircraft the impact that lightening strikes might have had to them,” said Gann.

Gann says the lightning strikes occurred within two hours of each other, but the exact time is unknown and only a handful of flights were delayed. However, they are doing everything they can to keep travel moving smoothly and making safety a priority.

"It is scary to hear that lightning strikes happen,  but what I take away from it, what I think is important to know is that it happens it is not uncommon, although it is unusual to have this many in one day, but  everything's fine,” said Gann.

Gann also says local maintenance has checked out the air crafts. Additionally, ABC 4 Utah put in calls to Delta who had the majority of those strikes but they have not returned our call as of Thursday afternoon. The airport also says aside from one delay Thursday everything is back to normal.



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