'Mythica: A Quest for Heroes' filmed In Utah

CONtv can be best described as "Netflix for Nerds" and Mythica: A Quest for Heroes is the very first feature film exclusive.

Mythica is about Marek, who inspired by her wizard mentor Gojun, escapes indentured servitude and overcomes physical limitations to hone her own mysterious powers.  When the beautiful Priestess Teela falls victim to a massive Ogre, Marek rallies a misfit team of adventurers to join her in a fight to save her sister and their legacy.

Mythica was filmed in Utah and is the first episode of a three-movie series, and is available now on CONtv, which is a new digital entertainment network exclusively dedicated to pop-culture fan space.  It is offered as a free ad-supported platform as well as a monthly subscription of $6.99/ month without ads.

The writers/ producers of Mythica are from Utah and Jason Faller and Kynan Griffin joined Midday Monday to talk about the film.

CONtv is asking fans to vote on their favorite hero or villain for their state.  Utah voters can select customized characters including the Salt Lake Soldier, Slope Slicer, Benny Be-Hive or a superhero/villain of their own creation.  Vote now here.

Mythica garnered loyal fan support via a successful Kickstarter campaign.  The campaign for the second part of the series, Mythica: The Darkspore launched earlier this month.  For more information on that campaign, go here.

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