Monday Marks the Start of Spring Fever Week on

Jana Francis from kicks off Spring Fever Week.  Each day at 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. you can find deals on products that are bound to make this the most fun, safest and most memorable spring break yet for your kids.

Here are some of the deals:

1. Make cleanup easier - Spend less time cleaning and more time having fun with your kid.
Lay-n-go: After the smash hit of The Lego Movie, Legos are the rage! It's insane how popular they are, but cleanup is even more crazy. That's why we love this handy lay-n-go. They can play for hours and clean up in second with this playmat. It cinches up to a bag, so you can take their toys anywhere from their friend's house to grandma's place.

2. Unplug your kiddo - Putting your kiddo in front of a screen is so easy, but it doesn't make memories. Instead, get them outside with some fun in the sun.
OgoSport Toys: Kids love to play video games as a group, now that the weather is nice, let's channel that team spirit into some healthy recreation. These toys create opportunities for healthy movement, refining of motor skills, and even creativity. Take them to the park or use them in your yard for some outdoor fun.

3. Keep them protected - No kid wants to turn into a lobster or suffer a painful injury during their break.
Thinksport Sunscreen: When your kiddo is outdoors walking around the zoo or playing in the park all day, they need to be protected. However, people don't realize that most sunscreens are full of questionable ingredients and known carcinogens. Thinksport sunscreen doesn't have those yucky ingredients and is still highly effective, falling into the highest category for SPF, UVA, UVB, and water resistance ratings.

Safety Gear: Protecting your kiddo while encouraging outdoor activities is a challenge all parents face. For most kids, wearing a nerdy looking helmet is worse than the protection they provide. With Fohawx Faux Helmet Hair you can add rock 'n' roll style - all while making sure they are protected from rocks and rolls.

4. Make a splash - Whether you're heading to a pool, the water fountains at the mall, or just turning on the sprinklers, dive in the fun with products that help your spring break run swimmingly.
Rugged Bear Swimwear: Dress them in adorable suits that are designed to withstand everyday adventures and infinite hours of fun.
Smoobee No-Cry Brush: If you have a little girl, then you know that they run for the hills whenever you take out a hairbrush. Skip your little girl's "water works," and get their nasty tangles out after they go for a swim with a hairbrush that doesn't hurt your little lady's head.

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