Kearns family woke up to gunshots fired at their home

KEARNS, Utah (Good 4 Utah) -   Police are still searching for two suspects after a family in Kearns was awakened to gunshots being fired at their home  just before 3:30 Friday morning. Luckily nobody inside the home was injured. Unified Police tell Good 4 Utah, it was a walk-by shooting a total of seven shots were fired, five into this house and two into a white Cadillac.

"I heard it, I thought it was firecrackers, because it's that time of year, but it was a bit more than that," said Dayna Riding a next door neighbor. However, bullet holes in the windows, front door and white Cadillac prove it was a lot more than firecrackers heard near 5900 West Lodestone Avenue.

Dayna Riding has lived in the neighborhood for 25 years she says she's very close to the family who lives inside the home, especially the mother. "She is a wonderful neighbor and so it was really scary to find bullet casings on her stairs,” said Riding.

The shooting took place directly in front of Thomas W. Bacchus Elementary School. Police say a mother father and their two teenage kids were home asleep at the time shots were fired, but luckily nobody was hurt. Police are determining whether or not the shooting is gang related. “It’s just some information we have. More importantly, it's just a typical gang scenario, you know, driving by or walking by and shooting at the house,” said Detective Ken Hansen with the Unified Police Department.

However, Riding tells Good 4 Utah she is baffled as to why anyone would target her neighbor’s home, peoples she's known so many years. "Their wonderful family and wonderful neighbor’s so this has nothing to do with any gangs,” said Riding.

Regardless, detectives are trying to get to the bottom of why this would have happened and who is involved. "Sometimes they do make mistakes and they shoot at the wrong house of course there is never a right house to shoot, but their wanting to send a message to somebody and it's important we find out who they are and get them off the street,” said Detective Hansen.

Getting these shooters off the streets is exactly what Riding would like to see happen. “It's hard, it's kind of scary, you want to make sure everybody is ok and nobody got hurt so I think that's the big point, especially when you don't know who's out there,” said Riding.

As of Friday morning police didn’t have a detailed suspect description. One witness told police he saw one or two males take off running right after shots were fired. If anyone has information you are asked to call the Unified Police Department at 801.743.7000

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