Most Sought After Tech Gifts This Christmas

We are in a golden year of technology. Even better, the holidays are the perfect time to explore what gadgets are out there and gift them to those special people on our list. Jennifer Jolly joined us to talk about a few gadgets you should consider this Christmas.

Samsung Gear 360 is the ultimate gift for the photographer in the family. It allows you to take 360 degree video and photos. Pair this with your Android smartphone and edit photos and videos on the spot. Take this on a trip to maximize the memories.

Amazon Fire Kids Edition is perfect for the youngsters in the house. With over 13,000 books, videos, apps and games -- there is endless entertainment. 

Amplifi Router and Wireless Mesh Setup allows you to say goodbye to dead wifi in your household for good. Easy to set up, this gives you internet connection from all corners of your home. 

FLIR One is the perfect gift for the energy-efficient DIY'ers out there. Essentially, this Thermal Imaging camera attaches to your smartphone to let you see hot-spots throughout the house so that you can detect energy leaks. Not just this, but the super-human skill it gives you can be fun for everyday use as well.

Chase Freedom Unlimited Card allows you to get 1.5% cash back on EVERY purchase you make. While other cards give you ridiculous stipulations, this card allows you to get cash back on everything and get it at anytime.

Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa Voice Remote allows you to shop deals using only your voice. By giving simple commands like "Alexa, what are your deals?" you will receive all the voice-exclusive deals that you can handle.

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