How more women in leadership can be good for Utah economy

Women's Leadership Institute (WLI) was created in 2015 to elevate the stature of women's leadership in Utah.  Katherina Holzhauser with the Women's Leadership Institute Executive Board Member joined Midday to talk about how this business led organization works.  

Utah was recently recognized for having the best economic outlook in the country.  Katherina says that increasing women in leadership can help us achieve business success. Studies show that more women in leadership leads to increased financial success. More women in leadership helps make our state more attractive to companies outside the state. 151 companies have joined the ElevateHER Challenge to show their commitment to increasing women's leadership.

The ElevateHER Challenge encourages the community to:
  • Increase the percentage of women in senior leadership and on boards
  • Increase the retention rate of women
  • Monitor pay by gender and close gaps
  • Establish leadership development and mentorship programs
  • Recruit women to run for public office and give them support.
Signing the challenge allows companies to demonstrate they believe in the value of women's leadership and want to learn and do more.  For more information about WLI and the ElevateHER Challenge and our events, please go to

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