How Local Farmers Can Make Their Mark In Salt Lake City

Calling all farmers! Salt Lake City is looking for experienced and dedicated farmers to help maintain the city's agricultural heritage. Over 1.5 acres of city owned land near the Sorenson Unity Center is being prioritized to grow fruits and vegetables. Applications are being accepted for farmers interested in this opportunity. 

This is a 5-year agreement where the selected farmer will be required to use sustainable methods, sell as much of their produce to markets in Salt Lake City, as well as stores, restaurants and assorted food stands. Use of toxic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizer are prohibited -- sustainable methods only (drip irrigation, etc). Long term, the goal is to successfully open and operate a farm by this growing season. “We need to focus on preserving existing agricultural lands in the region and get more creative with how and where we grow food within the city,” said Bridget Stuchly, Program Director for the Department of Sustainability.

To apply for this opportunity, click HERE.

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