Going Back to School at a Virtual School

Going back to school means staying at home today for the students of Utah Connections Academy. Today is the first day of school for Utah Connections Academy, a tuition-free K-12 online public school. More than 700 students are enrolled statewide. The school follows the same curriculum as a traditional school, but students have much more flexibility in terms of when they attend live lessons and when they do class assignments. Students can work at their own pace, advancing quickly or taking extra time with teachers on subjects that are more challenging. The school also provides plenty of opportunities for socialization through field trips, clubs and other social activities.

The option of an online school is attractive to students like 14-year-old student Anthony "Gauge" Rees. Rees is a championship junior superbike racer. On the fast track to becoming a professional racer, Rees, a West Haven resident, loves the flexibility and high-quality curriculum UCA offers him.

Although attending online school may be a different educational path, it can be very rewarding. With Connections Academy and direct parent involvement, your child can get a well-rounded, personalized and high-quality education from the comfort of home. Many Connections Academy families have breathed a sigh of relief as they've seen their children learn with less stress, gain confidence, and blossom to successfully enter the workforce or get into reputable colleges around the country!

For information, call (800) 382-6010 or visit: Utah Connections Academy.

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