Getting Inspiration for Hairstyles Online

Do you ever get stuck in a hairstyle rut? Mom Jill Ehat keeps creative by styling her twins’ hair everyday and posting photos on Instagram.

Instagram featured her in conjunction with Twins’ Day. Jill’s profile went from nearly 6K followers to about 50K followers in one day. The attention did not stop there-- masses of international articles have since been written about the hairstyles.

People across the globe want to know how Jill styles her twins’ hair. “I get a lot of requests to do tutorials, but since I can't do that overnight, I created with links to existing tutorials for most of the hairdos,” explains Jill. They also enjoy "twinning" with different hair accounts all over the world, an expression they use to describe posting the same hairstyle on the same day as another Instagram user. The twins say their favorite part is looking up on a map where their hair twin lives and learning about what language they speak.

Want to try one of these cute hairstyles, but think your child won’t sit still? Jill shares that letting her girls pick the hairstyle encourages them to keep still while they are getting styled.

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