Eight Faces of Moses collection in Utah

- SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Good 4 Utah) - A famous collection of paintings created by a world renowned artist stopped in Salt Lake City yesterday and today thanks to RR Auction.

The Eight Faces of Moses collection was created by American illustrator and painter Arnold Friberg for Cecil B. DeMille's 1956 remaking of "The Ten Commandments."  In 1950, Friberg and his wife moved to Utah and he started teaching commercial art at the University of Utah. During this time, Cecil B. Demille had started pre-production of his massive, biblical feature film and needed an artist. Friberg was noted for his many religious and patriotic works and after viewing a series of his scriptural illustrations, Demille knew he was the right man for the job. 

In 1953, the Friberg's moved to Hollywood where Arnold would work closely with Demille for over three years on his epic cinematic undertaking. In 1957, the film was nominated for seven Academy Awards including Best Picture, winning the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. Friberg receiving a nomination for his work as chief artist, set and costume designer.

"Friberg was one of the greatest illustrative artists of the 20th Century, and this collection is one of the most important discoveries in decades," says Lawrence Jeppson, a distinguished art historian, lecturer and author from Salt Lake City.

The Original Eight Faces of Moses collection will be on display Tuesday, July 15 and Wednesday, July 16 from Noon - 8pm; at Zion Summit, in the Social Room located adjacent to the main lobby, 241 N. Vine St., Salt Lake City, UT 84103. The event will be open to the public and admission is free.

After their Utah visit, the portraits will be on display in Boston before they are auctioned at a live event on July 19 by RR Auction. Visit here for more information.

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