Coming Up This Week On 'The County Seat'

Chad Booth, Executive Director and Host of The County Seat, joined Midday with a look at what's coming up this week.

You can watch The County Seat Sunday mornings at 8:30 on Good4Utah.

This week Booth will be taking a look at the results of the election on the national stage, as well as here at home.  What changes do counties expect with the new administration?  What are the priorities for our congressional delegation as well as Governor Herbert?  The County Seat will discuss the answers to these questions from the county perspective, as well as the congressional perspective.

Also this week on The County Seat - "Brain Gain".  Researcher Ben Winchester will explain the "brain gain" effect being seen in rural areas all over the country, where high school grads may be leaving rural areas, but couples with young children are moving in.  Winchester will also explain "regional hubs", and why every town doesn't need their own hardware and grocery stores.

"Civil Asset Forfeiture" will also be discussed.  This is one of the hottest subjects in the upcoming legislative session.  What is civil asset forfeiture?  How is it being used in Utah today?  And, how would the proposed changes affect the ability for county sheriffs to do their job?

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