Caring for seniors in Utah heat

MURRAY, UTAH (GOOD 4 UTAH) - With rising temperatures it's important to remember to protect yourself against the heat and sun especially if you're older. Utah senior care experts are encouraging Utah families to make sure their aging loved ones are protected.

"I don't do well in the heat, I have to have the air conditioner on all the time,” said Lila Marble, a Murray resident.

However, Lila’s feelings toward heat are mutual with her husband Jack and many other seniors. In fact, according to senior care experts most elderly have a hard time when the warmer weather hits.

“This is a critical time for elderly, because they like warm they like the heat, said Sam Davis a senior care expert with Home Instead Senior Care in Murray.

Davis says it’s the elderly who are especially vulnerable to dehydration and heat stroke this time of year especially if they are on medication. “Statistically it's the number one cause for seniors to go to the ER,” said Davis. She also says in addition to staying hydrated, avoiding the sun after 11 a.m. is also critical for seniors.

"We try to avoid sun as much as possible. We know Vitamin D is great but there skin is so thin they get burned so easily,” said Davis.

Wearing hats, sunscreen and light clothing is key to keeping cool. However, even if you’re inside you have to remember to stay hydrated and avoid adjusting the thermostat, something Davis says seniors tend to change in the cooler morning and then forget about.

"What we do is we put a sign over the thermostat and we remind them not to touch it,” said Davis.

 As for the Marbles, they say they try to stay shaded and drink plenty of liquids.

“I do enjoy being outside,’ said Jack Marble.

Home Instead Senior Care also suggests if you have a older loved one to keep an eye on their thermostat for them and in addition to drinking lots of water also make sure they are eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.


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