Are family decals on your vehicle a danger? Police say they can be.

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah  (GOOD 4 Utah) - You see them every time you hit the road. Family figure decals on cars and SUV’s, but how safe are they? Does it give predators too much information about your family?  Police say it sure does.

It seems like common sense, but more and more of these decals are becoming more detailed. In fact, some even lists your kid’s names.

“A predator, if they know the kids names and you have another sticker on there advertising what school your child goes to that gives them the opportunity to go over there and call them by name, said Lt. Dalan Taylor, with the West Valley City Police Department.

Lt. Taylor tells Good 4 Utah criminals are always looking for bits and pieces of information to commit their crime. He says that's why it's up to you to determine what information you’re putting out there, but more and more he's seeing detailed decals and it's shocking.

“Literally I was driving home last Saturday and there was a vehicle in front of me and it had the family sticker on the back and it had the names of each individual in the family, it didn't just say mom and dad, it had their actual names and I just thought that is something I would never do.”

It’s something police don't want you to do either. In fact, they say you should avoid listing names, types of sports, schools, and even the name of your family pet. Lt. Taylor says much like Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media it shares normally private information with anyone.

“Some of those things you can control who you are advertising to but when you plaster it on the back of your car everybody  can see it, everybody has it and they can use it whichever way they feel they'd like to,” said Lt. Taylor.

West Valley Police say they haven't had any crimes reported because of decals but they are also saying that doesn't mean it hasn't happened. 

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