Animal shelters see spike in pets following holiday weekend

SALT LAKE CITY (Good 4 Utah)  -  Since the holiday weekend Salt Lake County Animal Services has been a revolving door of pet owners looking for their lost pets and animals being reunited with their families.

Salt Lake County Animal Services says each year in July they see a spike in the number of animals coming in, most of them scared off from home by fireworks.  

"This weekend we saw a big increase in dogs and cats on the days leading up to the 4th of July and then we saw a huge increase in dogs on the day after. So, everybody keep your pets inside during fireworks,” said Sandy Nelson with Salt Lake County Animal Services.

Nelson says this weekend alone animal control officers brought in between 25 and 30 animals. “At least half of the animals that came in this weekend were returned to their owners yesterday,” said Nelson.

Temma Martin from Best Friends Animal Society says leaving a TV or radio on for the animals is also wise. “I've even heard people suggest putting on a war show on TV so it sounds like they are coming from the television,” said Martin. She goes on to say it’s unclear why some pets get scared while others don't but as pet owners be prepared and take the last holiday as a learning lesson.

“If your pet reacted very badly around the 4th of July go see your veterinarian and see about getting an anti anxiety medication prescribed for them,” said Martin.

Most importantly, if your dog or cat is still missing, never give up.

"Go to your city shelter and then the surrounding shelters because you don't know how far your animal has traveled. Do flyers, post on Facebook. Social media is huge so post on Facebook and have people share it and just never give up hope,” said Nelson.

Other preventative measures include micro-chipping your pet and making sure your pet has I.D. tags. 

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