Addiction in Many Forms

There are many forms of addiction: Food, alcohol, even depression and anger! So how do you break away from the bonds? Thursday on Midday we talked about a book that can help. Reading the The Right Recovery For You can help you find the solutions you need to beat addiction.

No matter what your addiction is, or how long you have had it Right Recovery For You can help you change it. This is a totally new approach to addiction that you won't find anywhere else. Developed by Marilyn Bradford and utilizing information and process for change from Access Consciousness founder Gary Douglas, you can have a totally different possibility for ending your addiction for good, or getting it to something that works for you.

Addiction can take many forms. Of course there is addictions to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, relationships, sex, gambling and food, but what about being addicted to depression, grief, anger, pleasing others, or being a victim, feeling sorry for ourselves?

Addiction is overwhelming, you can feel ashamed, guilty and hopeless. And it impacts not only you but those around you. But there is a way out -- a way to empower yourself to end any addictive or compulsive behavior forever! You simply haven't been given the tools, techniques and information to make the changes you desire in your life.

The Right Recovery For You will help you find:
  • An understanding of why you haven't been able to change certain behaviors.
  • Clarity on what addiction actually is and isn't, and how you can avoid getting caught in all of the myths, lies and misinformation about it.
  • Why so many people fail to overcome addictive and compulsive behaviors, and how you can succeed.
  • Practical tools and techniques you can begin using immediately to empower you to make the changes you desire.
  • An increase in gratitude for you and the amazing being you truly are.

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