3 Surprisingly Easy Tips for Eating Healthy in 2017

New resolutions can be difficult to maintain, especially when it comes to our health. Between all the artificial temptations out there and our busy schedule, sticking to eating healthy foods is even more difficult. Today we had registered dietician and cookbook author, Liz Weiss join us to offer a few tips for staying on track with our diets. 



The way you snack is vital to keeping on a healthy diet. Often times, we reach for snacks that are high in salt or sugar. Though these may taste nice at the time, they move us further and further from our health goals. Instead, choose a snack that's all natural and easy to grab-and-go. Liz recommends Halos Mandarins as a healthy alternative. Not only are they in season, but they're natural, easy to peel, delicious, and easy to grab when you're in a hurry.

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We all get how difficult it can be to choose a healthy beverage with all the sugary, carbonated options out there. But rather than reaching for one of these unhealthy options, Liz says we should try POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice. Every 8 ounce bottle has the equivalent of 2 pomegranates. This drink is easy to put in smoothies, cocktails, and mocktails. Not to forget, all natural and loaded with antioxidants. 

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This is a little more manageable because we usually have our meal portions planned out in advance, so there's less temptation. Regardless, we all know that when lunch and dinnertime come along, we tend to add foods with empty calories and carbs. To fight this temptation, Liz recommends trying MInute Rice. There are so many delicious options including Brown Rice & Quinoa, Jasmine Rice, and Whole Grain Brown Rice. Add this to any meal and you will find that eating healthy has never been so delicous and simple.

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