'100 Deadliest Days of Summer' comes to an end this weekend

Published 08/29 2014 10:48AM

Updated 08/29 2014 03:21PM

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (GOOD 4 UTAH) - With Labor Day weekend starting that means the 100 deadliest days of summer is coming to an end. The Utah Department of Transportation says this is the highest number of deaths they have ever had and wants people to be extra careful this weekend while on Utah roads.

From memorial to labor day weekend that is the time frame for the 100 deadliest days of summer and this year alone UDOT says nearly one death a day has occurred on Utah roads. “It has been an alarming summer for us because since the 100 deadliest days began memorial weekend we are now at 93 fatalities, said UDOT spokesman Adan Carillo.

Shocking numbers from the UDOT and a number drivers like Scott Feller would like to see decrease. “I think people always seem to be in too big of a hurry. They always want to get in the car in front of them and if they just relax a little bit, give their self the time they need to get where they want to go it would be safe,” said Feller.

Safety is UDOT’s number one priority which is why this year’s increase in car crash related deaths has them frustrated. “It's probably the highest we've ever been,” said Carillo. He goes on to say “27 of those 93 fatalities could have been avoided had people been wearing their seat belt.”  

UDOT says that number is only for summer. Since January there has been 165 deadly crashes and 42 of them a seat belt could have made a difference. “We’re about 20% higher right now when you compare the total average from January 1st to now,” said Carillo.

Which is why UDOT is continuing to work hard to decrease that number by improving road ways, but as the 100 deadliest days of summer wind down this weekend they are reminding people to be safe. “None of that helps if people are not buckling up or they choose to drive drunk or their texting while their driving

“UDOT says towards the end of the year they will know the cause of each of the crashes that has occurred on Utah roads and will report all of that data.


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