1 thing you can do today that will make your marriage stronger

Ramona Zabriskie, author of Wife for Life: The Power to Succeed in Marriage joined Midday on Valentine's Day with some tips that may make your marriage stronger.

Ramona has been married 40 years and says keeping romance and love in marriage has to be intentional.  Hoping for a great life, or hoping for a great marriage takes self-development, some education and learning skill sets.

So how do you balance everything that happens in real life with that romance?  Ramona says it's all about priorities.  Ramona says one thing you can do right now that will make a difference today is called "turning toward".  That means when your partner is trying to get your attention, you do it:  you light up, you do it with enthusiasm and you literally turn to them.

If you'd like more information, go to RamonaZabriskie.com.


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