Marvin Williams hoping for Seahawks victory

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Sports) - Super Bowl fever is taking over the entire country, and there may be no greater Seattle Seahawks in the state of Utah than Jazz forward Marvin Williams.

"I am a fan," Williams said. "I've been counting down the days. I had a Junior Jazz group the other night and there were a lot of Denver Broncos fans, so I was giving them a hard time. But, I'm excited for Sunday."

A Seattle native, Williams says he is still a devoted fan of all his hometown teams, but especially the Seahawks, who have yet to win a Super Bowl title. He wishes he could be with his family watching the game in Seattle, but hasn't played any definite plans to watch the game just yet.

"I'm not sure yet," Williams said. "During the [NFC Championship], I wanted to go to a little bar and hang out there, but I was too stressed. So, I stayed home and I'm sure I woke up the neighbors. They were probably excited that the game was over because they were tired of me yelling for sure."

You would think professional athletes would be immune to all the stresses that normal fans go through while watching games. Not Williams. He's into it.

"Ya, I definitely feel the nerves," Williams said. "The last game against the Niners, I don't think I sat down the whole second half. I kind of got my legs under me at halftime and just walked around my house the whole second half. I'm sure I'll be like that on Sunday again."

If Seattle loses, how will that affect Williams? Will it carry over to his performance on the basketball court?

"I'll be honest with you," he said. "If Seattle loses, I'm glad they'd lose to Peyton Manning. I love Peyton Manning."

You know who also loves Manning? Jazz forward and lifelong Indianapolis Colts fan Gordon Hayward, who is already talking a little trash to Williams.

"Gordon was giving me a hard time the other day," Williams said with a smile. "I was really disappointed in that. He's supposed to be my guy, man!"

"I was kind of joking about [the game] and [Williams] got on me the other day," Hayward confessed. "But I'm a Peyton Manning fan, so I'd love to see him quiet his critics with a win."

And quiet Marvin Williams. Hayward can't listen to Williams bragging about a Super Bowl title the rest of the season, right?

"Ya, we don't need that for sure," Hayward said. 

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