Utah's Beloved Shirts leaving their mark on the fashion world

PROVO, Utah (Good4Utah) - You might have seen them in the Shark Tank, but there is more to the Made4Utah company Beloved Shirts.
It's Crazy.  It's Weird.  And it is Beloved!
Utah's own Beloved Shirt is not only now a Shark Tank Alum; they are a celebrity, social media and onesie lover favorite!
Jeremiah Robison said, "We a have a pizza onesie that caught Katy Perry's attention and that took us to the next level."
Where did this all come from?  Utah!
According to Beloved Founder and CEO Jeremiah Robison, it all started with his goal to make intimidating soccer jerseys for his indoor soccer team.
Robison said, "That idea lead me to explore this idea of printing they call it sublimation.  Instead of doing it on jerseys, I did actual fashions."
From there, it all just exploded.
Robison continued, "I don't see a lot of it as my skill set, it just was really a good idea at the time."
Each product design comes from Jeremiah and a few members of his team.  Everything is made on demand and made to order in Southern California.  
Despite rejecting an offer from the Sharks in the Shark Tank, the future is bright for this Made4Utah company.
Robison said, "I'm really confident we are going to take this to the next level and be a globally recognized brand."
One thing is for sure: no matter what Jeremiah and Beloved Shirts does, it will be interesting.

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