BYU MBA students design smartband to monitor children

- PROVO, Utah (Good4Utah) - Two BYU MBA students have developed a way for you to watch your children, even when you can't see them.

Losing a child is one of the worst feelings a parent can ever experience.

BYU MBA student Spencer Behrend experienced that first hand at the Provo 4th of July celebration a few years ago.

Behrend said, "It was terrifying. The worst case scenario goes through your mind in the first few minutes."

Fortunately Spencer's child was found, but that moment sparked an idea: there has to be something that could prevent the problem.

BYU MBA student Zack Oates said, "There are a million children reported missing every year. This is something that is important. Every child has a story of being lost, every parent has lost track of their child and that is why we developed the Kiband."

After years of researching and testing the Kiband was developed. It is a wearable bluetooth technology that allows parents to monitor when their child wanders too far away.

Oates explained, "We create a local network between the child and the parent's phone and give the parent control of what that environment looks like. The goal is not to find a lost child, but to prevent a lost child."

Spencer and Zack have finished the development of the Kiband and are now ready to move into production.

The plan is to get the Kiband into the hands of parents everywhere before summer vacation.

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