Susan Powell's parents worried for her children

Susan Powell's parents worried for her children

PUYALLUP, Washington (ABC 4 News) - The Cox family has not seen Susan Powell's two young boys since the beginning of the year. They're worried they may not be getting the emotional support they need at this critical time in their lives
PUYALLUP, Washington (ABC 4 News) - Even as the parents of Susan Powell continue their months-long campaign to find their missing daughter, worry is growing over her two young boys.

The last time Judy and Chuck Cox were allowed to see the boys -- 5 year old Charlie and 3 year old Bradon -- was January 3rd. Since that time they say they've tried to arrange visits, but have gotten no response from Josh Powell, Susan's husband.

The Cox family fears that Josh has now cut the already strained lines of communication.

Chuck Cox said, "They should have been with his sister Jenny in Utah," Chuck said he was satisfied that Jenny Graves was taking good care of the boys after Susan was first reported missing. He expressed disappointment that Josh took the boys away from the only home and community they'd known at such a critical time. "He should be ... helping with the police trying to find her instead of just pulling up stakes and moving everything."

At this point, Susan's parents can't be sure the boys are getting any emotional support. "I'm not aware they're getting any help right now, other than I'm sure they're fed," Chuck says.

During a press conference on Monday and an exclusive interview with ABC 4 on Tuesday, Judy and Chuck Cox said they've had discussions on taking their concerns to court. Chuck said, "We're willing to do whatever it takes."

No final decision has been made.

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