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Josh Powell returns to Utah

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah (ABC 4 News) - Josh Powell is back in Utah to take care of unfinished business with his house. His wife Susan has been missing for almost 2 months.
WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah (ABC 4 News) - Josh Powell is back in Utah. While controversy surrounds the disappearance of his wife, Susan, ABC 4 is told he returned to take care of unfinished business with his house.

Although Josh Powell tried to dodge ABC 4 cameras Friday, he was seen getting out of a van to visit with one of his friends in West Valley City.

“I'm probably one of his few friends that he has left,” said John Hellewell.

His friends and family tell ABC 4 he's back to finish the basement and work on the deck of his West Valley home.

“He wants to try to rent out the house and so he wants to finish the basement before doing that,” said Hellewell.

But he won't be in town for long; ABC 4 is told he plans to make the trip to his former home as short as possible.

Shortly after his wife Susan went missing late last year, he packed up and moved to Washington State. Right now, he's not on good terms with some of his family; they were surprised to see him back.

“When we talked to him, we thought it'd be a couple weeks before he'd be back,” said Kirk Graves, Powell’s brother in-law.

While he was gone they got together with Susan's friends and decorated his home. Some were worried he'd come back and take it down.

“We don't really know how Josh would react to it,” said Graves.

“He liked it, he was glad people had done that. He was glad the focus was on Susan and not on him,” said Hellewell.

As of Friday night, the decorations are still on the house.

As far as police go, ABC 4 also talked with them Friday. They wouldn't comment on whether or not they plan to get in touch with Powell while he's back, but they said he has a standing invitation to meet with their detectives. Powell remains the only known person of interest in the case so far.

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