Cox family fights Powell siblings for insurance money

Cox family fights Powell siblings for insurance money

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - A judge will decide who are the rightful heirs to a multi-million dollar insurance policy in the name of Josh and Susan Powell.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - A legal battle is brewing in a Washington court over the life insurance money left by Josh Powell. On one hand, Powell's siblings including Alina and Michael Powell claim the $2.5 million dollar policy should be theirs.

But Chuck and Judy Cox, the parents of Susan Cox Powell believe it is rightfully theirs.

"We had no idea it (policy) existed," says Chuck Cox.

Powell's younger sister and brothers were named beneficiaries.

"Josh had made recent changes in October and December (2011)," says Cox.

That was about two to four months before he murdered his two children and then set his Washington state home on fire.

Cox knew Josh had a one million life insurance policy but was unaware of this amended policy.

But in this latest version Susan who had already disappeared was left off.

"He had taken my daughter off as a beneficiary which is odd because she paid for the policy too," Cox says.

In fact, their attorney claims in court filings that Susan paid for a majority of the premiums.

Cox says he's fighting the Powell siblings because it's not right they profit from josh's actions.

"Right now we don't want Josh and his family to benefit from the fact that he killed himself and my grandchildren," Chuck Cox says. "And my daughter is missing. We have no choice but to fight it legally."

Cox says if they are awarded the money it will be used to build a memorial for their missing daughter and her two children.

Next month a mediator in Washington will begin the process of determining who is the rightful beneficiary of the money.
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