Wirth Watching: Taking a look back at early TV promotions

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Ever since they created TV shows, they created TV promotions to get you to watch the shows.

Sixty-six years ago, our on-air promotion consisted of cards dropped in front of a camera advertising our upcoming shows. We were KDYL-TV with an experimental license. In fact our promotion department had to even introduce folks to what was this thing called TV as we were the only TV station for a thousand miles.

So our promotion department painter Marc Hamson made sign after sign to put all over town. Not only to promote programs, but to get people to buy TVs so we could promote programs. All day long, he painted and painted and painted.

By 1956, half of Salt Lake City had TVs. Channel four had changed call letters to KTVT and we were NBC in those days.

And we switched to ABC in the 1960's. ABC made really swell promotional spots, such as for a show where a scary alien dude busted through what really looked like a cardboard box.

By the 1960's, news was big and promotion wanted you to know the world could come into your home each night on channel four. Everything that happens around the globe is of importance to viewers in the intermountain area.

Of course by the groovy 1970's, promotion hit a new level and a chance to show off the newsroom.

Well we made it to today with viewers, except despite promotion--- the scary dude show and the cardboard box with the holiday lights was cancelled after one season.

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