Wirth Watching: Famous commercials you'll remember from decades ago

(ABC 4 NEWS) - TV commercials are a big part of TV history and often more memorable than the shows they sponsored.

They became part of our culture. Thirty years ago, in 1984, Wendy’s gave the world the question, “where’s the beef?”

Alka-Seltzer invented phrases that used to be quoted about as much as Shakespeare. This one in 1969: “That's a spicy meatball”

And you are not a child of the 1980's if you don't know who Mikey was.

“I am not going to try it. Let’s get Mikey. Yeah he won’t like it… He likes it he likes it.”

Years ago, I got the ultimate baby boomer treat… an invitation to a night of our commercial heroes.

We remember them even after years and years. Ok, I was in awe that night of nights. They are like members of the family. You see someone come along and you know every word they are going to say and you find yourself listening to them

And you know you will be singing the jingles the rest of the day… you deserve a break today… or the Oscar Meyer song…

I’m sorry but I know you will!

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