West Valley City may soon adopt a fiber-optic network

WEST VALLEY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – West Valley City officials may offer residents free telephone services and access to a community-wide fiber-optic network. 

It is all part of West Valley City’s recent partnership with Ooma Telecommunications, a California-based phone company that charges no monthly fees.

“We would…provide to all 40,000 addresses of our city, free telephone service to that fiber network,” said Wayne T. Pyle, West Valley’s City Manager.

City officials have already promised free internet as part of the ongoing proposal. 

"The implications for the individual resident out there are really, quite frankly, unprecedented," said Pyle.

If the proposal goes through, residents would pay a new monthly utility fee: $20.00 for homeowners and $10.00 for apartment renters.  Everyone would have access to the fiber-optic network.

"...and be able to either use that base service at that free level, or be able to expand and use other services to it as well," explained Pyle.  

Some say the fee is no big deal and that they would simply stop using their current providers.

"Given the speed comparison, yeah, that would definitely be worth it," said Ty Warren, a homeowner in West Valley.  

Others disagree.  Roy Lehmanowski lives in a home with no landline and no computer. 

"We use our phones for the internet.  We're paying for that,” Lehmanowski explained.  “We're being put into a situation where we're spending hundreds of dollars a year on something we don't even utilize.  It'd be like buying a steak and throwing it in the trash." 

West Valley City is still open to public input on the matter, so it is not too late to voice your opinion.  The city council will take a final vote on the project this fall.  

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