Victim of human trafficking recalls life with Victor Rax

- SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) - Officials with Salt Lake County Jail confirm that Victor Rax was found dead in his jail cell Monday night. Guards were doing a routine check and found him unresponsive. Investigators do not believe there was any foul play because Rax was alone in the jail cell at the time. 


Here is more information on the background of Rax:

He was only 13-years old attending middle school when he first met Victor Rax.

“We met him walking through the park and he offered some stuff to us,” says Julio who doesn’t want his last name used.

That “stuff” he says was marijuana.

“We were just supposed to go and smoke marijuana and he put some other stuff in it, like cocaine,” he says.

Authorities say that’s the way Victor Rax started grooming young Latino boys to allegedly sell drugs.

“We always had to be with him after school until around midnight,” says Julio.

He says he would go to one of his four homes Salt Lake City's west side on a regular basis. He says at first it was the lure of drugs but then he learned there was a price to pay. It was sex for drugs.

“We would be by ourselves at his house,” he says. “We'd not have more than two of us at his house. He'd make us go in his room and he'd do stuff to us.

For the next four years Julio says he was trapped.

“I kind of felt ashamed to tell my parents of what was going on and with police we were just scared to go with them just because of the things he'd tell us,” he says.

And when his parents learned of Rax and tried to confront him Julio says they were forced to back down because Rax threatened to call immigration on the family.

“He never told me he'd kill me but after I found out he'd threatened my family I got scared and I didn't want my family to get hurt,” he says.

When Julio turned 17, he says Rax no longer was interested in him.

“I never saw him with older kids, adults or anybody,” he says. “I only seen him with older kids and once I was 17 or 18 he just left me alone. He never talked to me anymore.”

Rax is currently sitting in the Salt Lake metro jail after multiple felony charges connected to human trafficking, sex abuse and drugs were filed against him.

“Now that I know he's in jail I feel great that he's in there,” says Julio. “I'm happy for other kids who were worse than me.”

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