Utah Muslims Speak Out Against ISIS Atrocities

SANDY (ABC4 News) - Horrific acts committed by ISIS in Syria and Iraq are being condemned by Muslims in Utah who say they have no tolerance for those kidnapping, torturing and killing in the name of their religion.

"Islam stands for peace. It stands for goodness," Muhammed S. Mehtar, the Imam of the Khadeeja Islamic Center in West Valley City told ABC4 News Wednesday. "You get these few rotten groups out there...They give Islam and Muslims a bad name."

The Imam of the Utah Islamic Center in Sandy, Shuaib Din agrees.

"To be honest I'm disgusted and a little bit angry because somehow people seem to connect their actions with Islam," Imam Shuaib said. "When those actions first of all are un-Islamic and their actions do not represent Islam and Muslims."

Imam Muhammed added that the ISIS members committing these acts are not really Muslims.

"From the behavior we know that it is definitely not in line with genuine, pure Quranic Islamic teachings," Imam Muhammed said. "Anyone that rapes, anyone that kills, anyone that takes away innocent life they cannot really be viewed as Muslims."

Imam Muhammed turned visibly upset as he continued.

"To go and just beat up people, commit violence, torture individuals, create fear, create hate, create a lack of harmony, no no no we don't stand for that," Imam Muhammed said, shaking his head.

Imam Shuaib was at work in his office Wednesday night between prayer services. He was planning Sunday School lessons and talking about a canned food drive for the Utah Food Bank coming up in November.

"From 9/11 til now every occasion we seize the opportunity to speak out and say those actions do not represent Islam or Muslims," Imam Shuaib said. "We have had a blood drive to help our fellow Americans at the mosque. We have had a lot of activities to show that we are part of this community. We are a community that gives back to the local community."

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